Our workplace is designed for progress, passion and openness


To accomodate our high ambitions, our workplace is always evolving. We work hard to create a working environment that ensures motivation and helps realize the potential of the employees.

Recognizing that high performers are also diverse we are always responsive to individual ambitions and career goals.

We have very flexible working hours - so pick up the kids early one day and stay late another as you please.


We are currently 165 people on board. You're always welcome to send us an unsolicited application if you feel like joining!

poker playing VP

Our Vice President and Co-Founder Christian played the WSOP in Las Vegas in 2012, finishing as 424.

Conferences Attended Each Year

On average we send 84 employees off to conferences each year, including MozCon, Web Summit, ICE, Searchlove and more!

ton lifted in our gym

In the basement we have a gym for free use. Among other things there are kettle bells, weights and a tread mill available. We lift approximately 1500 ton a year.

Delicious wholesome food is delivered to our door on a daily basis. We are fortunate enough to experience a wide variety of cuisine from international countries.

company betting fund

Every year, we set up a fund of 100.000 DKK and in turns take over the job of investing them by betting. 

Once a month we all meet for coffee, breakfast, news and presentations.


Job postings

A career at Better Collective offers great challenges and opportunities. We work on projects and features that have not been built before. And we do this for a global audience. This requires talented employees who master state of the art technology, automation and high scalability.

If you want to grow with us, please see our vacancies or apply unsolicited.

PR & Marketing Assistant

Copenhagen - Denmark

M&A Specialist

Copenhagen - Denmark

SEO UK Content Manager

Copenhagen - Denmark

Full-Stack Developer

Copenhagen - Denmark

Full-Stack Developer

Niš - Serbia

Web Developer

Niš - Serbia

Unsolicited Application